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About Us

Rock Planet® (ROCK PLANET) was founded in Jinjiang City, China in 2012. It focuses on professional outdoor sports and integrates technological materials into quality. The brand name comes from a strange planet in space and is committed to promoting outdoor adventures. movement development. The product line covers rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, camping and many other professional outdoor sports. Continuously integrate young and new vitality genes to enhance product competitiveness and model iterative innovation.


Rock Planet® (ROCK PLANET) originated from the fact that such rocky planets are more likely to exist or have life than gaseous planets, implying that the brand has more tenacious vitality and room for growth. "Rock Planet" is mainly composed of various rocks. The brand is mainly engaged in outdoor sports, and the brand name matches the product attribute positioning. The planet symbolizes the cosmic space, endows the brand with a unique technological sense of the times, explores and innovates, and at the same time implies that a group of people who love outdoor sports and pursue a better life live together on the same planet—the rock planet ROCK has another layer of "rock" Meaning, it represents not only a tough character like a rock, but also a passionate personality. You don't need other people's stereotypes to define yourself, but dare to shape yourself differently.


Ready GO!
Simple and easy to remember, catchy, can vividly present the scene of rock climbing, mountaineering, cross-country and hiking! It is in line with the professional outdoor business and brand concept of "Rocky Planet". Ready means being prepared, which is in line with the scene of sufficient preparation for cross-country mountaineering. GO is based on departure, which matches the challenge scene ahead! The combination is Ready GO! To be ready to start, to express the brand spirit and purpose is to gain momentum and give the prepared people the perseverance and determination to constantly challenge higher goals!


Since its establishment, Rock Planet has been widely loved and welcomed by outdoor sports users. From product workmanship to style to brand culture, it has been recognized by members. Self-owned online sales, focusing on member operations, developing offline experience stores, linking online + offline stores seamlessly docking system, creating a new retail of outdoor brands.
Every feedback from users is paid close attention to by the person in charge of the company. We will continue to improve the product experience based on user suggestions and ratings, so that the brand will move forward in a further and higher direction.

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